DescriptionIa felt the paintbrush tickling her belly, and her spirit quailed as a host of unwelcome giggles escaped her. But the pa
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DescriptionWhen they got home John went directly to take a shower before sitting down to eat dinner. He hadn't had a chance to talk
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Description"I don't," John said, steel in his voice."I don't know, what's a lot?" John asked.~~~~"Thank you." I flashed a big smile
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Description"Ooohh, so that's why you didn't want to undress and come in the water," Kelly said, staring at his cock throbbing in hi
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DescriptionI turned my attention fully to Anja, who was responding vigorously to my thrusts."Quiet, boy!" the brunette snapped, gla
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Description"The quart of come that poured out of Anne, and the second one you dumped in Jan."Instead, she greeted me with a smile a
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Description"Oh, I could fuck all night," Kelly said, grinding her pussy onto the bicycle seat. "Especially for you and for $1,000.0
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